~ About Jay Schwausch ~


  • ~ Performer, Creator, Author, and Professional Speaker
  • ~ Over 30 years of performing Experience!
  • ~ The House Mentalist for Houston's famous Magic Island since 1992
  • ~ Member of the prestigious organization "Psychic Entertainer's Association"
  • ~ Master Mason (Raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason March 26, 2002)
  • ~ Knight Templar (Knighted August 8, 2007)

A Little More Background

Although I am known as Jay Schwausch to most, I was christened at birth as Gerald Wayne Schwausch. (Then later in life I was christened / knighted as Sir Knight Gerald Wayne Schwausch, Knight Templar.) I was born in Houston, Texas in 1960. By the time I had turned nine years old, I had already battled with one brain tumour and suffered through numerous devastating and traumatic epileptic seizures. The surgery for the tumor cost me approximately twenty to twenty-five percent of my hearing in my right ear. Despite these overwhelming adversaries at such a young age, I was determined to be normal and try to fit in like everyone else. However, the more I tried to be like everyone else, the more I realized that was just not my destiny. My destiny was to be one of those who were identified as the one who was a little different from everyone else.

I got involved at the early age of twelve in Vo Vi Nam meditation through my Kung Fu teacher, a Vietnamese Monk. That same year, I had first hand experience with self-hypnosis. My fascination with the mind - or more specifically, the power of the mind - started me on a life-time journey of mental exploration and enlightenment. This eventually led to my becoming a professional speaker, author and performer of what I call "Brain Hacking". Brain Hacking involves various subtle, yet very strong psychological principles, verbal and non-verbal communication, along with what I call "Perceptual Manipulation". Add to this the skills and techniques I have honed and sharpened over the years studying the various related "mental arts" and you have quite an interesting skill set.

I guess my greatest claim to fame, when it comes to my performing career, is that I have been the House Mentalist for Houston's famous "Magic Island" since 1992!

My life-time involvement with what I like to term as "the mental arts" has taken me across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia exposing me to various cultures and ideologies.

Speaking of ideologies, one of the most memorable moments in my life occurred on May 19, 1998: I was initiated as an Entered Apprentice Mason! Talk about a memorable and vivid memory!

Then, after almost four years (a long delay due to severe back trouble and two surgeries) from when my Masonic journey began, another one of the most memorable moments in my life occurred: On February 19, 2008, I was advanced to the degree of a Fellowcraft Mason!

Then, shortly thereafter - the day every Mason looks forward to occurred on March 26, 2002: I was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason (known as 3rd Degree Master Mason.) Next to my wedding day & the births of my two sons, this is probably the most memorable day in my life.

Perhaps the next most memorable moment in my life occurred in 2007. After going through the eight York Rite (Masonic) Degrees on August 18, 2007 I was knighted as Sir Knight Gerald Wayne Schwausch, Knight Templar!

And most recently, on September 15, 2007 I received the degree of Super Excellent Master in the York Rite (Masonic) Degrees.